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Quick Cash for Junk Cars

It's as easy as 1,2,3 to sell your junk car to JunkBaseTX 

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Fast CASH on the Spot. 
Free Same day pickup of any junk car

How it works

About Us

We are Texas Junk Car Buyers

Auto buying is our speciality. We buy cars in all conditions including accident-damaged and withdrawn from use due to their technical condition and age. We offer competitive prices and we help clients with all formalities related to scrapping. 

  • We buy all makes and models.

  • We offer fast and FREE towing service.

  • Our truck will pickup your junk car within hours.

  • We pay CASH on the spot.

  • If you have scrap metals, we buy that too.

Two old, broken cars on a ground at sunny day

Tell Us About Your Car

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  • What type of junk cars do you buy?
    We buy all junk cars and it doesn't matter the make or model.
  • My car doesn't turn on will you still buy it?
    Yes, these are the types of cars we are looking for.
  • What States do you buy junk cars from?
    Presently, we buy only from Houston, Texas. We buy junk cars within 50 miles from Houston.
  • Can I buy metal from you?
    Unfortunately, we do not sell metal.
  • Do you buy scrap metal?
    Yes, if you have scrap metal we will buy it from you.

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Is Selling Your Old  junk Car Worth It?


If your junk car has major issues, then selling it is worth it. After all, you can still sell it even if it’s not functioning anymore. If you decide to sell it, evaluate your car to see the actual market value. Just make sure to state the current condition of your vehicle.


Is It Better to Junk It?

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Do you find that your old car is not worth all the time and effort to keep it longer? Junking may be the best option to consider to get a reasonable price for the amount of time and trouble.


Junk for Cash


If you decide to junk for cash, we buy junk cars and scrap metals. Call us to get a cash offer at competitive prices. 

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